#EMPOWERED Photoshoot | BTS #9

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As you well know I have been talking about this photoshoot for a while now and it all came together nicely last Friday the 24th of July.

As part of the #Empowered team and also one of the models, I am so excited to share some more BTS (behind the scenes) photos on this amazing project that has been brought together thank to the amazing idea of Taz Gardner whom I have interviewed last we and you can read here if you want – who is the mind behind it all. Of course the whole project could not have been any bother without the help of the sponsors:

Lingerie : Bliss Lingerie
Designer dresses : Haus of Gaetano
Makeup Artists : Leanne Scicluna & Dorothea Grech
Hair Stylist : Magdalena Trojanowska
Location : Luciano Al Porto Boutique – Valletta

The Models : Béatrice Njoya; Carmen Casha; Franny Grech; Jasmine Izzo; Pauline May Scicluna & Wendy Agius

Having gone through a lot of body changes over the years including a spiral of self-hate, inferiority complex and a lot of other negative thoughts about myself I am very happy to have been asked to be part of this campaign first hand and I am even happier to have gone through with it – fighting through my anxiety!

Well hope you all enjoyed these sneek peak candid photos of one of the best day of 2020 and I do hope you will get the see the final product soon. A special heartfelt thanks goes to Taz and Miriam – they are family – but the gave me strength I needed to push through my anxiety, self body hate and just go for it whole heartedly especially to fill confident in the underwear part of the shoot.

The exhibtion is planned to be set in September however this still needs to be confirmed due to what is going on so do make sure to follow all socials listed hereunder so you know all the details of thus upcoming Exhibition.

Until next time,

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