Effortless Capsule Wardrobe | Styled by Diva #7

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I have been working on this for months now and I have to admit that I started and came back at it for hundred of times because truthfully it is far more easier said then done!

I have tried getting this together and failed miserably because I just couldn’t get it to work. This whole blog post was supposed to make approaching the Capsule Wardrobe in a simple and easy way, but there is nothing simple or easy about it!

But I persisted and I went ahead and pushed myself in getting this post together because I knew that in the next month I will be needing all the help I can get! From getting dressed easier in the mornings to my clothes suiting my new lifestyle! 

I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas and ways to make the writing and explaining easy you all of you my lovelies. While there are fantastic classic pieces that do add a lot to many a wardrobe, each of us is different, but I think I have managed! [So keep reading :)]

The first thing you need to do is strip your wardrobe of all of the stuff you just never wear (yes, even that adorable top you bought, have never worn, but just love). If you are like most people, you have a closet and at least a dresser, full og clothing that you barely touch. It is normal to have your favourite pieces and reach for them first! They are the items that you will feel great in, and that is part of the beauty of a capsule wardrobe – you can love every piece! Plus it is the best outcome for someone that does not have a ton of money to spend on seasonal clothes.

Any time is a good time to start in my case it is the changing of homes that gilted me towards this approch for my new wardrobe. Look at this time as a great time to clear away the clutter and send it on to find a new home with someone who wil love it. Donate, offer to friends, consign, etc. With a little effors up front, you will be saving time and getting dressed with less stress and waste!

To you all that are still skeptical on this journey I know that our bodies, our colouring, our lifestyles, our budgets, our work…all different so why should we all have the same wardrobe? I also realised that not following a pre-set capsule wardrobe creates issues. I am sure that you have tried the Capsule Wardrobe at one given point and I know you have wondered what if I don’t have the exact same pieces as that capsule wardrobe on Pinterest, how will mine work? What will I choose?  and that is when the panic sets it. This is supposed to make life easier, not be a dreadful and confusing chore.

In fact, creating a capsule wardrobe should be FUN and most definately EXPRESSIVE.


Despite all of the resources about capsule wardrobes on the internet these days, it is a struggle to put together a cohesive wardrobe. You can’t figure out a colour palette. How to dress for work or for events is a headache. You will start questioning “personal style” and finally which are the key pieces to include in this blessed capsule. 


The only way to learn to love your wardrobe year after year is to listen to yourself and to trust what you’re hearing. You don’t have to know what your style type is, you just need to know what you like and how you want to feel.

You don’t have to have a set color palette. Yep ,however, you need to know what colors you love and which colors are radiant on you 🙂


OK, now it’s time for the fun stuff! You should know by now your end goal for the look and feel of the capsule, but how do you select all of your pieces?  It’s likely most people select their capsule wardrobe items by type of clothing: shirts, bottoms, dresses, etc. THIS IS A MISTAKE! 

Choosing your capsule pieces based on item type causes you to think about them in a vacuum at first and makes it more difficult to create a cohesive wardrobe. So, we are going to take a completely different approach.


Start off eith those striking pieces, these are the pieces in your wardrobe that when you wear the people say, “WOW!” These are not wardrobe “basics” but they are the pieces that capture the essence of your style. 

Following this move onto the five statement pieces: 1 dress, 2 tops, and 2 bottoms. (If you don’t wear dresses then swap in another item of your choosing.) Ideally, all of these pieces play extremely well together but each should also have a special quality, colour, or design that makes them stand out. Keep in mind that on most days you will wear these with other pieces in your capsule. 

  1. Luxurious fabrics
  2. Rich colors
  3. Fun prints
  4. Unique details
  5. Impeccable fit

Now you can choose the five items that you simply can’t live without 1 dress, 2 tops, and 2 bottoms (again). These pieces should work together and with also with your statement makers. These have to be your go-to pieces – each piece has to have a bit of character or a standout role in your wardrobe  

  1. Top in your eye color
  2. Top in your eye color complement
  3. Basic dark neutral dress
  4. Your favorite jeans
  5. A skirt you feel great in

Don’t overlook the impact layers have on your outfits! Blazers, sweaters jackets, coats, etc. are the pieces that can turn a combination of clothing into a perfectly styled outfit. You should have at least 5 layers, with 10 giving the most versatility.


  1. 2 blazers
  2. 2 pullover sweater
  3. 2 cardigans
  4. 2 jackets
  5. 2 coats

These pieces are the supportive spine of your capsule wardrobe. Mostly neutral colors, they ground your Statement Makers and Five Favorites and look great mixed with each other. Your top ten foundational pieces should still be items you love and that fit great, but they may not have the “wow” factor of some of your other pieces but definitely, these are essential to achieve a workable wardrobe. 


  1. 2 tank tops
  2. 2 t-shirts
  3. 3 blouses/tops
  4. leggings, jeans, pants 

Don’t weigh yourself down with dull shoes, bags, or belts. These are the pieces that can bring an outfit to life. Let them be the link that put-together your capsule wardrobe, not subtract or detract. Even a simple black pump can have a special flourish that shows your personality. Go on choose the 10 pieces that make your outfits the life of the party.

As you work on putting together your capsule wardrobe, keep that while you don’t need to create the same outfits, you do want to make sure that the pieces you select support your desired outcome. 

In the process of your choosing evaluate each piece with these words that should apply to each item you chose, as well as all of the outfits you can create. Whether you write “confident” or “comfortable” you need to feel this way in every single item. 

Make sure you have a few pieces that fit the words you wrote that only apply to certain wardrobe functions like work or weekend. For example, if you wrote “confident” for work, you should choose a couple items in each category that you can wear to work and that too make you feel confident. The trousers that make you feel like a boss when you wear them are perfect for work with a blouse yet they can still give you that same feeling dressed down with a t-shirt. 

If you want to look “comfortable” for a night out on the town, you can still wear that lower cut top with a tank underneath and a blazer or cardigan for work.  Do you get the gist of it all now 🙂 Easy Peezy right 🙂 YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Now that you have understood the theory behind the Capsule Wardrobe here’s my Checklist for further help to help you achieve the ultimate easy and stressless wardrobe 🙂 I truly hope that I have managed to bring a little bit of more insight. I would love to hear your thoughts so do drop your comments as it would make it easier for me to understand if you have any queries.

Until next time,

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