2020 Local businesses Christmas Gift Guide | Christmas #wishlist Part 1

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As I have been saying over the past few weeks I have decided to create these Gift Guides featuring only local company and small business. In lieu, of the times we are going through I think it is of the utmost importance to help and support local businesses in order to be able to help them come through these hard time a little bit better. It is surely a weird and a difficult time for many. Money is not necissarly in plenty however if we intend to spend a certain amount of money why not use it locally. Behind every business there is a family too so let’s empower and help each other.

So say hello to Diva Inside 2020 Christmas Gift Guide in hopes to simplify your Christmas shopping this year and make gift-giving more personal, thoughtful, and less stressful! Here you will find a carefully curated selection of the gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Happy shopping, my lovelies!


A name that does not need a lot of introducing. However besides the Women, Men and Kids section there is also a great Accessories section which is the perfect place to find great gifts for him or for her, small gifts that can be great as stocking filler or even for Secret Santas 🙂 So here few of my faves however there is more one can choose from just by clicking here!


A new local business that I found out about lately and it comes by the hand of Caroline Borg who creates beautiful things from different fabrics, including upcycling material. As you know I love my scrunchies and I feel that these can be very much great options for stocking fillers 🙂 Get i n touch with Caroline here so you can make your order 🙂


I recently came accross Marilyn’s page in instagram here a few days ago and I really think that it is a great concept espcially if you are a Mamma like me 🙂 Marilyn’ small business on Facebook as Painting with a twist – MG while on Instagram as painting_with_a_twist_mg. She creates fun educational resources for the early years and she lately launched a learning interactive book using mainly laminated sheets, velcro tape and felt materials. The children mainly aged 3-5 are loving this book.

So what makes this book so exciting? Well, your children can easily carry this interactive learning book wherever they go and learn through fun and interactive tasks. This book has numerous learning benefits. It helps children improve their fine motor skills when removing and putting back different velcro pieces, improve their hand-eye coordination, improve their literacy skills, number recognition and develop problem solving skills.

What topics are available? One can choose from:
– Myself (name, age, family, hobbies)
– Emotions (matching, talking about oneself)
– Shapes (matching shapes, matching the colours, linking shapes with real-life objects) 
– Numbers (1-10, sorting & counting)

This interactive learning book is fully laminated & bounded and has 22 pages, 70 laminated pieces, 18 felt pieces.

I absolutely love this concept and I think it would be a real great gift for toddlers 🙂


If you are a personal that loves giving some original gifts then Terra is worth checking out. Terra, is a workshop established by Donna Gatt, that creates handmade polymer clay jewellery. They use modern patterns, fun colours and textures to produce bold and one of a kind pieces. Each pair is 100% handmade using lightweight polymer clay and surgery grade stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic and do not tarnish and each pair is one of a kind. The prices vary between €20 and €30 depending on the size and work that goes into them.  If this is something you like check out more styles here.


Might be a bit big to fit in a stocking but a gift voucher sure can fit and also if you are looking to add some new pieces to your home than this Gozitan family run business is worth a look at. Run by the Camenzuli brothers the company specialised in woodworking and with a motto of ‘Anything you imagine we will make possible” well says lot about what these guys can do!

They have recently launched a 2 in 1 folding picnic table. I think it’s a perfect gift for a loving home especially this Christmas to gather together and eat a good meal while staying indoors and stay safe with family members. One can contact us on our facebook page or on 79258133 to order. We deliver them to Malta too.

Check them out here on their Facebook page here for more inofmation, alternatively one can contact on 79258133 to order. They deliver them to Malta too – fancy right 🙂


You all know how obssessed I am with My Melts and this is one offer that you cannot miss that would any melt lover happy and also why not another stocking filler that makes a nice gift and does not break the bank 🙂

‼ ONLINE OFFER‼ My Melts this Christmas 🎅

€12.00 for an average of 112 hours melting time… Place your order online for a box of 3 large Christmas fragrances and you get a small exclusive aroma FREE!!! Simply write “CHRISTMAS OFFER” in the message section as you check out!

Sam Selby Psychic Medium

A different kind of gift for this Christmas.  My dear friend Sam Selby is offering readings, reiki crystal therapies, and made to match jewellery on gift card this Christmas. All you have to do is drop her a private message on her Facebook page HERE.

She is offering a FREE Crystal Consultation for the thoughtful crystal gift. All you have to do is simply send Sam a photo of your friend or loved one, and she will be able to suggest the appropriate supportive crystal jewellery creation. Each gift will come with a card explaining the metaphysical energy of that crystal. She was also kind enough to offer free shipping and/or delivery. And to make this different Christmas even SPECIAL she is also offering a 15% off for your order by using the code SPECIALTREAT15 at the checkout to save some monies.

To view the pieces available please visit Sam’s Boutique on Etsy store HERE.

I had my reading done by Sam and I do highly recommend her!


I have met Denise through another line of service however today she is bringing us what I like to call it a one-stop-shop for all your needs and for everyone. A perfect stop to shop for all the family without having to go through one site after another. Check out the very user-friendly website here.

So there you go my lovelies this sounds up Part 1 of the Christmas Gift Guide … Stay Tuned for more gift ideas coming your way.

Until next time,

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